Revolving Loan Agreement Form

16. Neither the implementation of this agreement, nor the distribution of loans, nor any profit-sharing agreement or losses resulting from this transaction are intended to be construed as a partnership, joint venture or other joint venture between Lead Lender and the participant. CONSIDERING: A company headquartered in Lead Lender has entered into a loan agreement with Lead Lender (see below) under which Lead Lender has agreed to grant revolving loans from time to time in the amounts that the borrower may require, the total amount of capital which cannot be greater at any given time. , on the terms set out in the loan agreement; and CONSIDERing that participants wish to participate in the above loans; 10. Authentic and correct copies of all credit documents received by the Lead Lender up to the date of this participation agreement were provided to the participant. Lead Lender will provide the participant with accurate and correct copies of any changes, modifications or additions to the loan documents immediately after receipt by Lead Lender. Lead Lender has previously made available to the participant the annual accounts of the borrower made available to Lead Lender by the borrower. If the lessor does not make it available by the borrower, it will immediately make available to the Subscriber authentic and correct copies of all accounts provided by the borrower to the Lead Lender and will make available for consultation any information that the borrower makes available to the Lead for review. The participant agrees and agrees to have relied on his independent review (i) of the above documents, as well as on all insurance and guarantees provided by the borrower, as well as any information that the member has acquired independently of the borrower or any other person who decides to participate in the loans.

The participant assures and guarantees that he has received the information he deems necessary (including all the information that the participant has received independently of the borrower or the other) before making his decision to participate in the loans. The participant also agrees and agrees to have conducted his own independent analysis of the borrower`s authority, creditworthiness and ability to meet his or her obligations under the loan agreement and has relied on such an audit to decide whether to participate in the loans. The participant agrees to continue to rely exclusively on his independent verification of the facts and circumstances of the borrower when making subsequent decisions on all matters relating to the loan documents and his participation in the loans. Lead Lender assumes no guarantees or guarantees and assumes no responsibility for the proper performance, validity, sufficientness, opposability or ability to recover loans or loan documents, or for the accuracy and completeness of the issues disclosed, represented or guaranteed by the borrower in the loan documents (including financial matters).