Activestate License Agreement

Contact ActiveState for an appropriate license. This license requires notification in product documentation that the licensed software is being used. The licensing conditions of this product require us to verify your authorization before it is delivered. This license indicates that you agree to compensate, retain and defend the licensee for losses, damages, claims or lawsuits, including legal fees resulting from your use or distribution of licensed software. This license is based on another license with some exceptions. For example, exceptions to GPL 2.0, for example. B the CCG term exemption or the classpath exception. This license requires that product documentation contain instructions on how to obtain source code for licensed software, including any changes to the licensed software. Please read carefully: CECI IS A LICENSE AND NOT AN ACCORD FOR THE SALE.

Using and installing ActiveState software or, if necessary, selecting the option “I ACCEPT…¬†Option at the end of the license indicates that you have read, understood and accepted the terms of the license. IF YOU DON`T AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, YOU SHOULDN`T TRY TO INSTALL THE SOFTWARE. If the software is already downloaded or installed, you should immediately stop using the software and destroy all copies of the software in your possession. You, the user, take full responsibility for selecting the software in order to get your results, as well as the installation, use and results obtained from the software. If you have any questions about this, you can contact ActiveState via This license is compatible with the GPL; in other words, licensed software under this license can be combined with a conflict-free GPL program, and the new combination would allow the GPL to be applied to the whole. The first compatibility authorization is FSF. This license may expire automatically if you claim a claim against a contributor for patents that you claim to be infringed by the licensed software; Your patent license from such a licensed software contributor may also expire automatically.