Advertising Platform Agreement

3.2.HTML code on the publisher`s website. With SMARTYADS services, the publisher agrees to place the HTML code chain on the website or separate pages that are used for promotion. It also means that SMARTYADS prohibits changing this sequence of codes in the inventory unless the parties agree in their written consent. The HTML code chain provided by SMARTYADS should not be used or shared on any other source than the website or website on which it was originally placed, including chat rooms, emails or focus groups, as this may lead to incorrect code execution. The publisher also undertakes to avoid certain marketing practices such as Run On Network and others if the use of these practices has not been discussed and agreed in writing with SMARTYADS. Violation of this rule can result in revenue freezes, website downgrades or blocking of the personal account without compensation for FUTURE SMARTYADS traffic. (iii) Adswerve, At the request of Google or the Customer, will cooperate in good faith with the customer and/or Google in order to immediately transmit to Google, the customer or the Google representative all necessary contact information, data and records (including the immediate execution of network transfer agreements, transfers, consents, agreements and other documents such as requested by the customer or Google) so that the customer can continue to receive the corresponding services without interruption. Each party will comply with applicable laws regarding the application of this advertising agreement, including data protection and security laws (e.g. B the EU General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as well as the data processing agreement, if applicable. As stated in LinkedIn`s privacy policy, we may use device identifiers received on and next to our services for our advertising services, including to determine which devices our members can use and to show ads for them on their various devices. Each party will publish a comprehensive and accurate privacy policy on its websites and mobile applications, including inter-device tracking and ad targeting. LinkedIn`s involvement in self-regulatory advertising organizations is described here.